Toronto Criminal Lawyers Obtaining Compensation for Victims of Crimes

Few victims of crime realize that they have recourses available to them outside of the criminal justice system. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CIBC) is a provincial board that has been providing financial compensation to victims of crime and to the family members of deceased victims since 1971.

Compensation is provided to victims to cover costs associated with physical injuries, psychological trauma and lost wages. It is provided to family members of deceased victims to cover expenses related to the victim’s death, including costs related to the funeral, caring for the deceased’s children and bereavement counselling. It can also be provided to family members who suffered “mental or nervous shock” as a result of witnessing the crime or coming upon the crime scene.

Individuals can apply for compensation even if charges were never laid in relation to the offence. Moreover, it is possible to apply even if the offence occurred many years ago. While the legislation states that an application must be made within two years of the incident, extensions of this limitation period are routinely granted where the applicant provides sufficient reasons for the delay in applying.

Legal Representation by Skilled Litigators for Maximum Compensation

The CICB process involves the completion of an application form, the submission of all materials necessary to substantiate the claim and a hearing before members of the CICB. If an oral hearing is held, the claimant must attend and present oral evidence.

Although the process may seem straightforward, many aspects of it are quite technical. Having the assistance of an experienced lawyer can make the process smoother and ensure that you receive the highest compensation possible.

Hicks Adams can make use of our network of forensic psychologists who can assist in determining the extent of injuries suffered by victims and help to build a strong case. Our lawyers can assist applicants by helping them fill out their application forms; ensuring that they have gathered all of the material necessary to establish their claim; ensuring that any material to be submitted conforms with the laws of evidence; and preparing applicants to provide oral evidence. Furthermore, our lawyers can put their vast experience as trial lawyers to work by providing skilled advocacy at the hearing.

Experienced Representation of Alleged Offenders at Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Hearings

When an individual makes an application for compensation through the CICB, the alleged offender is notified and provided with an opportunity to respond to the allegations made against him or her. The lawyers at Hicks Adams can put their extensive experience as trial lawyers to work for alleged offenders in these hearings by assisting them in gathering any documentary evidence necessary to respond to the allegations and providing them with effective advocacy during the hearing.

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