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One of the most impressive features of Hicks Adams is the fact that we have the knowledge and resources to successfully handle criminal appeals. Our law firm has experienced lawyers specifically dedicated to appeals — appellate lawyers who regularly appear in the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

It is a rare feat to bring an appeal to the highest level, the Supreme Court of Canada, let alone succeed at that level. Our lawyers have done it. With more than a century of combined experience on our side, we have successfully appealed criminal convictions of all types, including murder convictions.

Crafting an Effective Criminal Appeal

Successfully handling an appeal requires an eye for detailed legal arguments, as well as in-depth knowledge of criminal law. An experienced appellate lawyer knows what to look for when reviewing cases for appeal.

Two areas that we look at very closely when handling an appeal involve the actions taken by the judge who handled the initial trial. The first area involves examining exactly what the trial judge said to the jury. If any instructions were given that could have sent the jury off track, that could be the basis for a successful appeal. The second area involves the evidence that the judge allowed or did not allow. If something was excluded that should not have been, or vice versa, that could form the basis of a successful appeal. For example, if police obtained a confession improperly, but the judge allowed that evidence to be presented at trial, that is a judicial error that could pave the way for the conviction to be reversed.

We have a remarkable success rate in appeals. A successful appeal can result in an acquittal or a new trial, and we have the experience, knowledge and resources to achieve success in this difficult and exclusive area of law.

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