Skilled Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Identity Theft and Identity Fraud Charges

Identity theft is acquiring the personal information of another person (whether living or dead) for criminal purposes. Identity fraud is the use of that identity information to carry out various forms of fraud, such as impersonating another individual, or the misuse of credit card data. Increasingly, identity fraud is occurring electronically through phishing and similar scams, making the crime more sophisticated, but also implicating many more individuals when police make arrests.

Defending against identify fraud charges, particularly where fraud is alleged to have been perpetrated electronically, is challenging, technical, and often requires extensive investigation and substantial resources. If you are facing identity fraud charges, it is crucial to consult with a criminal lawyer with specific knowledge of fraud charges, and significant experience in defending them. At Hicks Adams our team of exceptional lawyers relies on more than a century of experience. As one of the largest criminal defence firms in the country, we harness the power of our vast network of experts to ensure that all evidence, technological or otherwise, is thoroughly and properly reviewed and scrutinized so that our clients receive the best defence.

We can help defend against all identity fraud-related charges including:

  • Fraud under $5000;
  • Fraud over $5000;
  • Identity theft;
  • Personation;
  • Utter forged documents;
  • Possession of counterfeit mark;
  • Possession of identity document;
  • Possession of documents used to commit fraud.

Consequences of Being Convicted of Identity Fraud

Identity fraud charges come with significant consequences and jail time.

Under the Criminal Code, fraud is divided into two possible charges: fraud under $5000 and fraud over $5000, depending on the value of the property or money defrauded. Depending on the exact amount defrauded or stolen, identity fraud may result in a mandatory minimum sentence (i.e.  a sentence that must be imposed upon conviction). A conviction for fraud over $5000 can result in a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. In addition to significant jail time, a fraud conviction may have a significant impact on employability as well as your ability to travel outside of Canada.

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