Respected Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyers

Founded in 1995 and featuring an experienced team of lawyers with more than a century of combined experience, Hicks Adams is well-positioned to defend clients against a variety of criminal charges, from the most minor to the most serious.

As one of the largest criminal law firms in Canada, Hicks Adams has everything necessary to marshal a successful and strong defence on behalf of our clients. We also have a vast network of experts in various disciplines relevant to the practice of criminal defence. We work with toxicologists who help us gather and analyze the facts necessary to defend against DUI charges, as well as firearms experts in murder cases. Furthermore, as Hicks Adams is a wholly computerized law firm with an extensive library, our lawyers are able to keep their legal knowledge current and have access to all the legal information they require to skillfully defend our clients.

Our Lawyers are at Your Side Every Step of the Way

Not only do our resources position us to succeed, the size of our team allows us to stand by our clients at every court appearance, even the most minor. Our lawyers will travel anywhere in Ontario to support our clients. Our clients are never left standing in the courtroom by themselves, wondering what to do. They always have someone by their side protecting their rights.

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