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The criminal justice system does not take offences that interfere with the administration of justice lightly. Charges of police interference and obstruction of justice are vigorously prosecuted and require an equally vigorous defence.

As one of the largest and most experienced criminal law firms in Canada, Hicks Adams has the resources and know-how to handle even the most complex interference and obstruction cases. When you choose our firm, you can be confident that we will mount a fearless defence and fight to clear your name.

What is Police Interference?

You can be charged with police interference for refusing to assist the police or hampering the police in carrying out their duties. Even people who have no involvement with a particular crime the police are investigating can wind up charged with this offence. For example, you could find yourself charged with police interference for trying to prevent a police officer from arresting your friend or by providing misleading information to the police.

What is Obstruction of Justice?

You could be charged with obstruction of justice for attempting to influence the outcome of a case through dishonest means. Some of the more extreme examples of obstruction include:

  • Threatening someone to try to stop him or her from giving evidence at trial;
  • Trying to bribe a jury member;
  • Taking a bribe in exchange for not providing evidence; or
  • Taking a bribe as a jury member.

However, you can also be charged with this offence for making a false statement. For example, if you were a witness to a crime and implicated someone who was not involved, you could be charged with obstruction.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers Regularly Defend Against Police Interference & Obstruction of Justice Charges

Most charges of obstruction of justice and police interference stem from lying to police. As even a relatively minor deception can lead to this charge, we encourage you to speak with one of our lawyers prior to talking to the police, even if you are just a witness and have not been accused of a crime.

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