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Domestic assault is a criminal charge that results from a conflict between two people in a domestic relationship. This relationship does not necessarily have to be husband and wife. It can be boyfriend and girlfriend, same-sex couple, roommates, siblings or even two people who are on their first date. The conflict does not necessarily have to involve allegations of physical violence, although it often does.

The justice system treats domestic assault very seriously. Police who receive a call about a domestic assault will generally arrest first and ask questions later, and the Crown attorney will almost always prosecute, even if the complainant wishes to have the charges dropped. Furthermore, a person who is accused of domestic assault may be subject to a peace bond or restrictive bail conditions, which could prevent him or her from returning home or seeing his or her children.

Domestic Assault Convictions Disrupt Families

A conviction for assault will result in a criminal record that could impact career prospects and have negative consequences for divorce or child custody cases. Moreover, the fact that the assault took place within the context of a domestic relationship will generally mean that one will receive a higher sentence than one would normally receive for an assault conviction.

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