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Conspiracy Charges

Conspiracy is a complex area of the law. The legal definition of a conspiracy and the factors that go into proving that someone is part of a conspiracy are very complicated. At Hicks Adams, we realize that people charged with this crime have often played a very minor role in the conspiracy or were not involved at all but ended up charged based on hanging around the “wrong” people. Our lawyers have the experience and resources to tackle these difficult cases and fearlessly defend our clients against unfair charges.

Organized Crime and Gangs

A criminal organization is defined as a group of at least three people that has, as one of its main purposes or activities, the facilitation or commission of one or more serious offences where the primary motive is financial gain. This definition is broad enough to encompass numerous criminal groups such as gangs, as well as networks of people trafficking in child pornography or counterfeit credit cards.

If you are convicted of committing a crime in association with a gang or other criminal organization, you could be facing charges for two separate crimes and a very lengthy sentence. For example, if the police believed you were part of a gang and found you in possession of a gun, you could be charged with both possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and committing a crime as part of a criminal organization. If you were convicted of both offences, the sentences must be served consecutively (one after the other). This means that if you received 3 years in jail for each offence, you would have a total sentence of 6 years in jail.

Given the serious consequences of convictions for these types of offences, if you are facing charges related to organized crime or gang activity, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer. With more than 100 years of combined experience on our side, the lawyers at Hicks Adams have the expertise to overcome the demands of these challenging cases.

Guns and Gangs

Since guns and gangs often go hand-in-hand, Toronto has created the Guns & Gangs Task Force. This Task Force is made up of police officers and specialized Crown prosecutors who work together on cases involving guns and gangs. Needless to say, this task force is highly sophisticated. It is critical that people who find themselves involved in gun and gang cases choose a lawyer with the knowledge and resources to successfully challenge the complex cases built by the police and Crown Prosecutor. As one of the largest criminal law firms in Canada, Hicks Adams has the resources and skill to handle even the most challenging guns and gang cases.

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