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Robbery, home invasions, and breaking and entering (also known as B&E) are serious offences that have the potential to lead to life imprisonment. If you are facing charges for any of these offences, it is vital that you contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer. The lawyers at Hicks Adams have extensive experience with these offences and will mount a fearless defence against any charges laid against you.

What is the Difference between Robbery, Breaking and Entering, and Home Invasion?


Robbery is the act of taking property through the use of violence or threats of violence, making the charge much more serious than simple theft. Robbery can come in many forms, from robbing someone in the street to robbing a bank or a store.

A conviction for robbery can lead to life imprisonment and carries the potential for a mandatory minimum sentence (a sentence that must be imposed upon conviction) if certain circumstances exist. For example, if a firearm were used in the offence, a conviction would automatically lead to 4 years in jail.

Breaking and Entering

B&E is breaking into a place and entering it with the intent to commit an indictable (serious) offence.

Home Invasion

While “home invasion” is not an official offence, the Criminal Code makes it clear that breaking and entering into a home is considered far more serious than breaking and entering into another type of place. A B&E involving a home is automatically considered an indictable (more serious) offence and can be punished by life imprisonment.

Furthermore, the Criminal Code states that violence or the threat of violence used against people in the home during a home invasion is a factor that will lead to a more serious sentence.

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