Experienced Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Drug Offence Charges

A conviction for even a relatively minor drug offence can result in a fine, jail time and a criminal record that could impact your employment prospects, ability to travel and more. Major drug offence convictions can result in lengthy periods of incarceration.

Many trafficking offences carry mandatory minimum sentences, which are sentences that must be imposed upon conviction. For example, a conviction for drug trafficking in association with a gang will lead to 1 year in jail and drug trafficking in a school will lead to 2 years in jail. While it is always important to consult an experienced lawyer when facing charges, it is particularly vital when one is facing the possibility of a mandatory jail term.

The criminal defence lawyers at Hicks Adams possess more than a century of combined experience. Every day, we use that experience to defend people like you against drug charges of all types and have built an impressive record of positive results.

Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against all Types of Drug Offences

The lawyers at Hicks Adams can defend against drug crimes involving all types of controlled substances, including cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, ecstasy and even prescription drugs. Some of the charges that we frequently defend against include:

  • Drug possession: Having even a small amount of an illegal substance on your person, in your home or in your car during a traffic stop can result in a possession charge.
  • Drug trafficking: Selling drugs, even on a small scale, can result in drug trafficking charges.
  • Drug production and unlicensed grow ops: growing marijuana in excess of the personal limit (up to 4 cannabis plants per residence for personal use), growing marijuana for sale without a license, or manufacturing any other drug can lead to drug production charges.
  • Drug importing: Drug importation charges involve transporting drugs from one country to another. People at all levels of a drug importation operation can face these charges. However, it is often the middle man or the low-level “drug mule” who is caught crossing a border and arrested.

There are many ways to defend against drug charges, including challenging the validity of any search warrant used in your case, presenting evidence that you did not exercise “care or control” over the drugs in question or arguing that you should be liable for the lesser offence of possession, rather than trafficking, as you had no intent to sell the drugs. An acquittal is always our primary objective.

Hicks Adams is one of the largest and most experienced criminal law firms in the country. We have the knowledge and resources to fearlessly defend you, regardless of the severity of the drug charge you are facing.

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