Skilled Toronto Lawyers Defending Employers Against Workplace Safety Violation Allegations

After a work site injury, there may be an investigation of the workplace. If that investigation leads to the Ministry of Labour charging the employer with a workplace safety violation, there could be serious repercussions. These charges can lead to significant financial losses and more. Employers have the right to defend themselves against these allegations.

At Hicks Adams, we have more than a century of combined experience that we use to defend businesses of all types against workplace safety violations. Our role is to stand up for the rights of businesses, minimizing or eliminating the impact of the violation. We have experienced substantial success in these unique regulatory matters.

When an Employee is Injured, the Employer is in Jeopardy

When the economy is booming, when a business is succeeding, the tendency is for that business to work harder to take full advantage of the opportunity. In the process, workplace safety requirements may be overlooked. At least, that is the assumption often made by the Ministry of Labour when investigating a workplace accident.

Construction businesses, factories, warehouses, offices and all other businesses have specific safety rules to follow. If the Ministry believes that any of them were ignored, they will take action against the business. Our lawyers defend against these actions, striving to demonstrate how the business remained compliant with rules or getting the workplace to be compliant to avoid future accidents. An acquittal is our primary objective.

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