Skilled Toronto Lawyers Defending Against Liquor License Violation Allegations

If a bar, nightclub or restaurant is ordered to close due to a liquor license violation, it could lead to a significant financial loss, even in the case of short closures. Owners of these establishments should be aware that they do not have to simply accept orders to close. Liquor license offences can be fought. The doors can stay open.

At Hicks Adams, our goal is to help owners of establishments with liquor licenses stay open. We want to minimize or eliminate the impact of liquor license offences of all types. With more than a century of combined experience on our side, we understand how to navigate through these often complex regulatory matters.

Defence Against Liquor License Violations of All Types

Whether this is the first time a drinking establishment has faced a liquor license violation, or if there have been previous offences that compound matters, our lawyers are committed to protecting our clients’ business. We handle all violations, the most common of which are:

  • Sales to minors: If a bartender at an establishment is caught selling alcohol to a minor, it can lead to this serious violation.
  • Hours violations: If a bar, club or restaurant stays open beyond the hours dictated, it can lead to this liquor license offence.

There are a wide variety of offences that an alcohol-serving establishment could be faced with, and our lawyers have the experience and resources to defend against all of them.

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