Skilled Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Fraud & Theft Charges

Hicks Adams is one of the largest and most experienced criminal law firms in Canada. We are well-positioned to defend against all types of fraud and theft charges, from simple shoplifting cases to the most complex allegations of white-collar crimes.

Defence Against All Types of Theft Offences

The lawyers at Hicks Adams successfully defend our clients against all forms of theft.

In minor theft cases, we have often succeeded in having our clients “diverted” out of the criminal justice system, which means they have been able to avoid a criminal record and make amends in another way, such as performing community service work or obtaining counselling.

More serious thefts often involve some element of fraud, such as forged or falsified paperwork. Hicks Adams has the extensive resources required to handle the intensive investigation and document review required to successfully defend against fraud-related allegations.

Defence Against all Types of Fraud and White Collar Crimes

Being charged with fraud can ruin your reputation and put your career and business interests in jeopardy. At Hicks Adams, we realize there is often a fine line between legitimate business practices and criminal conduct and that often simple errors or negligence in business transactions can lead to unwarranted fraud charges.

As fraud cases involve extensive investigation and document gathering and review, they require a sizeable team and considerable resources, both of which Hicks Adams has to offer. In these cases, we often draw from our vast network of experts to ensure that all of the technical evidence is properly reviewed and analyzed.

The lawyers at Hicks Adams will tirelessly defend against all types of fraud and white-collar crimes, including:

  • Embezzlement;
  • Credit card fraud;
  • Investment fraud;
  • Internet fraud (Craigslist fraud, Kijiji fraud); and
  • Tax fraud.

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