Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Refusal to Provide Breath Sample Charges

It is an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada to intentionally refuse to provide a breath sample when requested to do so by a police officer. The consequences for failing to cooperate can be as serious as those for registering a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading of more than 0.08 (i.e. blowing over 80), and can have significant and long-term ramifications.

If you have been charged with refusal to provide a breath sample, it is critical to contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer with experience defending such charges immediately in order to understand your options and protect yourself. The team of lawyers at Hicks Adams in Toronto will fearlessly defend our clients against refusal to provide a sample, and any other potentially related charges such as impaired driving.

Consequences for Failing to Provide Breath Sample

The consequences for failing to provide a breath sample are significant and include:

  • Getting a criminal record;
  • Fines, probation, possible prison time;
  • Suspension or loss of driver’s license;
  • Significant increase in car insurance rates;
  • Job loss and difficulty with employment in certain professions;
  • Denial of entry into the United States, or other countries, or difficulties travelling.

There are a number of technical defences available to those who refused to provide a breath sample. Personal circumstances are often relevant and become crucial in the ultimate defence.

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