Experienced Toronto Criminal Lawyers defending against Breach of Court Order Charges

The conditions of probation or bail can be very strict and, if not followed, can lead to a charge of breaching a court order.

Common violations of court orders come in the form of:

• Failure to make a court appearance;
• Failure to complete community service;
• Failure to pay fines;
• Failure to meet with a probation officer; or
• Failure to stay in residence when on house arrest.

Even a minor breach of your conditions could lead to serious consequences. The maximum sentence for a charge of breaching a court order is 2 years imprisonment. Furthermore, your bail or probation could be rescinded, landing you behind bars, and your sureties could lose the money or personal property they posted as bail. Moreover, the court will see you as less reliable, which could hurt your chances of success at trial and/or in obtaining further release.

Toronto Criminal Lawyers Fearlessly Defending against Breach of Court Order Charges

Allegations of breach of a court order can be fought. The criminal defence lawyers of Hicks Adams have more than half a century of combined experience in successfully defending our clients. We use this experience to fearlessly defend our clients and keep them out of jail.

One defence that is often successful is that of lawful excuse. When you come to us with your case, we will find out if there is an innocent or reasonable explanation for why you failed to meet the terms of your bail or probation. Perhaps you missed a meeting with your probation officer because of illness or there was a transportation issue. If we can establish that there was a legitimate reason that you did not comply with the terms, you will be acquitted, and an acquittal is always our primary objective.

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