Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Firearms and Weapons Charges

Firearms and weapons offences are serious matters that can result in surprisingly long periods of incarceration. Many of these offences carry mandatory minimum sentences (sentences that must be imposed upon conviction) and higher sentences for second or subsequent offences.

The criminal defence lawyers at Hicks Adams in Toronto possess more than a century of combined experience. When you choose our firm, we bring our extensive experience and knowledge to bear on launching a fearless defence against your firearms and weapons charges.

Defence Against All Firearms and Weapons Charges

Our lawyers can defend against all types of gun crimes as well as charges involving other weapons, including knives and clubs. Charges we frequently defend against include possession of an unauthorized firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

Firearms Charges in Conjunction with Other Criminal Charges

In many cases, firearms and weapons charges do not stand alone. They are related to other criminal charges, serving to make the consequences of a conviction more serious. For example, a charge of assault with a firearm will attract a more significant sentence than a simple assault charge. Our primary objective is to achieve an acquittal for our clients.

The criminal lawyers at Hicks Adams can defend you against:

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